How to start a family

How to start a family
 Not everything in life is decided on such a crucial step as a family. Not all have enough strength of character to take responsibility for another person, and even more. Role in the modern family are distributed not as clear as before. The wife can now be earner, and her husband - a housewife. Therefore, engaging in family life, you should be ready to take on different responsibilities.
 Family life involves proximity household, psychological and intimate. So before you get married, think about whether you are ready for such a relationship with this person. Material security and housing - that's what you should have for a happy family life. If you can not live alone, have to share the area with the parents of the wife or husband. Through this test, not all young families come out with flying colors.

Formally, to start a family very easily, it is enough to apply to the registrar and sign it. But in order to live happily ever after with her husband, it is necessary to solve many problems in advance. Listen to the advice of parents and friends, do not dismiss them without thinking. Of course, you have the right to make their own way, but a few grains of truth can take from the words of the people wish you well.

The role of women in creating a family atmosphere of comfort and joy in the house can not be overestimated. On its shoulders the responsibility for the safety of love - a harmony of life, the spirit of family, which is captured by women. For a man needs time to come home and throw off the workers concerns and problems and get into the role of her husband. Wife makes it easier, so she needs at that moment surrounded spouse affection and attention that he wanted to go home every day.

Talk to her future husband, discuss your ideas about the role of each family. It is better if you know in advance about the requirements of each other. Both of you must be ready at any moment to support your family member, to stand up for one another. The husband should understand that sometimes you need to help his wife and baby-sit, wash dishes or do other household chores. A woman constantly provides a strong base to the man worked quietly, without worrying about the house once again.

Family - this is the place where the couple should receive affection, tenderness, understanding, compassion and sexual satisfaction. If not, the discomfort is formed, which is able to destroy your family life. Less use of negative emotions and criticism. A woman saw not achieve happiness with a man. Problems encountered in your relationship, decide with each other, do not carry their discussion on the analysis of relatives, friends and girlfriends. Yield and compromise on, show diplomacy, sensitivity and tolerance - is the key to a long family happiness.

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