How to spoil relations with your husband?

How to spoil relations with your husband?
 In any conflict situations occurring in families, there is clearly guilty or right side, but there is a certain line of conduct, which is one hundred percent probability will lead to the fact that the relationship with her husband will be hopelessly spoiled.

Blackmails wife that if he does not fulfill all your requirements and wishes to live according to the routine that you specify, and only listen to you, then you are bound to commit suicide.

Do not allow him to engage in his favorite activity or hobby, in any case, is not interested in his hobbies and do not encourage them.

Wearing a mournful expression, in any case, do not smile and do not react to his attempts to make you laugh. All kind of show him that you have sacrificed everything to him in the world, and he has not been able to appreciate.

Regularly indicate sexual weaknesses of your husband, and to do it in a sarcastic manner tough. Repeat that he is unable to adequately perform his conjugal duty. In no case did not follow his sexual whims and seduces him, on the contrary, categorically require having sex as necessary for health.

Private and foreign people compare her husband with husbands friends, because you were not so lucky, and others better.

Insist on their point of view, even the most insignificant trifles. Constantly remind that when he made a bad or wrong. Never listen to his point of view. All that was up to you - it is wrong, you must forget about it.

Do not give him no rest stormy manifestations of your jealousy. Do not believe that men are arranged so that they can not look after beautiful women equate such views to betrayal, think that he is no longer interested in you.

If a loved stayed at korparative or met with friends, do not leave it unattended for more than five minutes - phone calls and SMS messages should come from you regularly. They should be a complaint that you feel sad, scared, sad that he does not think about you, etc.

To his relatives should be treated exclusively cold and dismissive, not to forget about any unpleasant incident and constantly remind my husband that it was bad and how you feel bad from it. If the spouses have children from his first marriage, then treat them with warmth and understanding can not be categorically - only repulsive irritability.

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