How to spend money in the family

How to spend money in the family
 Different views on money matters, one of the most common causes of family quarrels, often brought relations to the "point of no return." To avoid a situation where "the love boat has crashed against life" should agree "on the bank" on the model of reference of the family budget, which will suit both partners.
 In the conduct of the general budget of the manager selects one money. Most often, this mission takes on a woman: working in a free graphics, or just doing the household and children, it can allocate the required amount of daily time trying to keep the family's expenses under control. The role of the manager is more suitable for those who are not afraid of tedious and meticulous calculations, or have the necessary skills in the field of finance and planning.

This quality is especially valuable in a situation where the total family income is only slightly higher than the costs, and after the payment of loans and other monthly payments of money is only enough for the bare necessities or even have to borrow money from others and repay debts after receiving the salary. In this case, the required increase in income or spending cuts. The very first thing to do - to record all family expenses during the three months to identify "problem" of the budget.

It is not necessary to consider themselves aggrieved, if you are asked to grab a check out of the store and paint their daily expenses. Just taking your spending under control, you will be able to reach a level of quality of life in which, while remaining within the overall budget, it will be possible to jointly plan a major purchase and allocate a certain amount for personal expenses.

Alternatively, you can agree that the donated money and everything received outside the main work is in private use. This will allow to have more freedom in their actions. But, again, do likewise reasonable only in the case when there is a surplus of available family budget.

Maintaining separate budget is appropriate in those families where both spouses work, or people have only recently started to live together. In this case it is necessary to discuss in detail, paying any expenses takes on each of them.

In a situation where one earns more than the other, and have no confidence in the future together, it makes sense to share the costs proportionally paid. In any case, each member of the family after the payment of the monthly cost remains at the hands of a certain amount, which he is free to use at their discretion.

If wages in both partners is about the same, you can put an equal amount in other obschesemeynye expenditure: leisure and travel, entertainment, buy the necessary things for the children and pay for their education.

At a separate budget when there is no need to account for every ruble spent, you can make a pleasant surprise for your loved one. This method allows you to not leave the familiar "comfort zone" mature financially independent people who are accustomed to a certain standard of living, and not wishing to abandon him to marry.

But the existence of a "separate purses" is often fraught with mistrust and quarrels. In addition, many believe that the family that does not have the general budget can not be considered a "single entity".

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