How do you know that you are ready for marriage

How do you know that you are ready for marriage
 To understand whether you are ready for family life, have a lot to think about. Otherwise want to escape from his own wedding. Or the entire married life feel like a prison. Therefore, before making a decision you need to think about everything and answer the questions some extremely honest.
 So, here are the questions that need to give frank answers itself:

1. "We" or "I"?

In practice, it appears that in your picture of the future is your future husband. If you are making plans, unconsciously thinking only about their own problems, yet you married early. At least for this person.

2. You really grown man?

Think about whether you are not a child yourself better before the baby will have its own. Marriage is a huge liability. If you still want to go dancing at a disco and spend most of the money on gadgets, expensive cosmetics and clothes, then think about marriage until it is not. You may need a few years to ensure that mature.

3. Do you think that he is the best?

Your chances of getting married again much lower chance to marry for the first time. On divorced to marry do not like, especially on divorced with a toddler. So think, do you really think this man worthy of your husband? If there is any uncertainty, to marriage with the person you're not ready. Do not rush things.

4. Do you agree with one another your heart and mind?

Do you like the idea of ​​being with this person all your life? Is not there a contradiction between mind and heart in this regard? If ever any doubt, it is better to postpone the wedding until better times. If you can not imagine the life, think about 60 years together. If this does not scare you ripe for marriage.

5. Are you able to change your lifestyle?

You can try to live together, but without sex (this is an important condition). Look, it turns out you have to solve problems peacefully with that person. Some girls do not know how to negotiate and calmly discuss the difficulties. If you have not yet learned this, you should not rush to the altar.

The main thing - to be ready to change. Harmony relationships in marriage depends more on women's flexibility than from men.

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