Having an affair with her own husband ...

Having an affair with her own husband ...
 Over time, the passion goes somewhere, interest cools and relationship with her husband is not the same as before. He is near, but something is wrong. Is it possible to fall in love again in her own husband? Why not! After all, usually do not leave feeling that eventually only grow stronger. Most likely, you just do not have emotions.
 If feelings - it's more or less a permanent feature in our inner world, the emotions change as a stormy sea. Affect the mood more than permanent factors such as how life develops, and changeable. Good weather is able to cheer, and escape milk - upset. But it can be controlled, without succumbing to daily provocations everyday situations and maintaining a good mood, no matter what. Also with love.

Start with that smile again own husband still happy smile. When he comes home, do not limit the duty welcomed and greeted him like you would do it at the beginning of your relationship. You will see what response it will cause him. After losing the romantic relationship not because someone one of the partners, but because of both. Take the first step, and her husband support you.

Remember how you fell in love with. As he looked in your first meeting, what did you do together, what words to say to each other. Funny stories that happened to you then maybe make you laugh now. Feel that all these thoughts began to beat faster heart? This means that you go on the right road. Look at her husband, such as it is now, and compare it with what it was. What has changed? Is it possible to somehow eliminate what appeared to him now and you do not like?

If you think that it is filled out, became worse than look together enjoy a run in the mornings or evenings, sign up for fitness. Sleeping, sexual activity? Talk about it with him. Surely your husband as well as you do, dissatisfied with this circumstance. Tell each other about their fantasies. Together, you figure out how to return former passions.

Interested in what he tells you. If you really care about his case, he will feel it and will be much more open with you. This is an important step. Often talk together. To get rid of the usual irritants such as television, his eternal newspaper, you can go somewhere together. Arrange another honeymoon. Or maybe you need a break from each other, spend time apart and how to get bored? In this case, do not be jealous without fear of betrayal. If you have already moved away, the jealousy and suspicion only erect a wall between you. After separate vacations tell each other about their impressions, go somewhere together, spend time alone together.

Emotional distress can help you survive something important together. If you have problems, try to solve them with each other. If all is well, it is possible to jump with a parachute or do anything extreme.

And do not forget to compliment her man. Thank him if he helps you. Do not take his presence beside you for granted.

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