Erectile dysfunction: men's nightmares

Erectile dysfunction: men's nightmares
 This is not someone tell no man. This problem is not always in a hurry to share even a doctor, preferring to suffer in silence, alone trying to find a way out of the situation and resorting to folk treatments.  

Erectile dysfunction - a real man's nightmare. So called man's inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. The reasons for this "embarrassment" a lot: it's stress, and alcohol abuse, and a strong physical fatigue, and some disorders of the vascular system, for example, a violation of the venous system of the penis, and even smoking.

In recent years, erectile dysfunction familiar to an increasing number of men, and young men aged 30 to 40 years, are also experiencing erectile dysfunction. We can say that the disease is getting younger every year.

Of course, there are misfires in the life of any man. If they are rare (20 times out of 100), then there is no reason to worry. But more frequent episodes are already a cause for a visit to the doctor-sexologist. Only a specialist can carry out an adequate investigation and determine whether it is a true erectile dysfunction.

If the study found that dysfunction is caused by psychogenic factors, to treat only need psychotherapy. Most often this type of dysfunction in young men with a relatively small sexual experience, as well as in emotional and impressionable men. There is even the term "syndrome of the first meeting," perfectly describes such a situation.

As is often the case - a young man has sex for the first time, a misfire occurs, the man starts to get nervous. If confusion is repeated and the next time, the complex is secured, and an erection does not occur already in the subsequent sexual acts. In this case, the therapist can only remove "clip" and fear of sexual failure.

On this erectile dysfunction say only if it is a neurological, endocrine, or traumatic origin. However, this is not a final judgment.

There are several methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: medical, physical therapy and even surgery. In severe cases, an intimate plastic - introduced into the penis implants.

However, it makes more sense to try to prevent the disease. Men, it is desirable to give up smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and revise the diet, giving up animal fats.

Need to monitor the physical form, exercise, maintain a regular sex life without long periods of abstinence, to monitor the pressure and blood sugar. All these simple steps will help keep sexual health and peace in the family.

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