Divorce - it is fashionable?

Divorce - it is fashionable?
 Every divorce is a personal tragedy spouses, pain and hurt children. And even if the mutual desire to disperse, without emotions and mental anguish can not do. Before taking this step, you need to know about the most enduring myths that distort the idea of ​​divorce.

Myth №1: "Remarriage - stronger"

Some think so thinking that bitter experience - good experience. But, in practice actually shows the opposite. The divorce rate in second marriages much more. This is due to the fact that people are divorced, could not help looking for a partner, similar to the first one. A total of one - another divorce.

Myth №2: "Loneliness - most unbearable condition for a man"

According to research by single men really live on less than married. This is due to the fact that they are beginning to use more alcoholic drinks, eat regularly and maintain a promiscuous. But single women on the other hand, feel good, because the absence of her husband takes off with them a number of additional responsibilities and workloads.

Myth №3: "Premarital cohabitation reduces the risk of divorce"

In fact, the risk of divorce in this case increases. The thing is that living in a civil marriage, people do not appreciate it as something serious and usually run.

Myth №4: "After the divorce, the income level decreases women and men - increases"

In fact, most of the family budget is spent on food. A conventional single woman can afford more than married - because it is able to save money on food.

Myth №5: "The child is able to keep the family together"

As practice shows, the majority of families are collapsing at a time when the child is born. And the biggest mistake women - an attempt to keep the family pregnancy. If the spouses do not have feelings, the child will not help here.

Myth №6: "Scandals and conflicts - the first step to divorce"

Of course, the constant quarrels and squabbles are able to kill any feelings. But there are also cases where both spouses subsequently rapidly as well tolerated.

Myth №7: "Babies better if you do not love each other divorced parents"

Parent family usually has a physical complexity, which in turn undermines the position of the child in their midst. Therefore, every child is trying to save the marriage of parents.

Myth №8: "Most of the men of the family leave"

Yes, it was before. But now, two-thirds of divorces occur at the initiative of women who are tired of enduring male obscene behavior.

Myth №9: "Late marriages are more durable"

The assumption that older people become more experienced, tolerant and undemanding - not true. Marriages to 30 years, are more durable. This is explained by the fact that mature mentality is really more resistant to disasters of life.

Myth №10: "For the first 3 years of married life is the highest number of divorces"

In fact, the strength of family ties depends only on the senses. According to statistics, the highest number of divorces occur in 5-9 years from the start of family life, when the peak of passion begins to fade, and the like hormonal shake.

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