Difficulties in family life. Talking with a psychologist

Difficulties in family life. Talking with a psychologist
 Happiness is not eternal. It is sad, but true. After some time living in a marriage there are omissions, conflicts, incomprehensible resentment. Through this kind of difficulties are many couples, but for some people - it's just a way to strengthen their feelings, but for others - a mutual misunderstanding and the complete collapse of relations.

Often difficulties in family life arise from the material component, but this kind of problem should, on the contrary, to unite the family, make the relationship stronger and more stable. Worse, when problems arise at a psychological level. Their otherwise it is a crisis.

The crisis was originally founded in the algorithm of family development. It is a test of the family for its proper functioning and existence. Established certain periods during which it may be breakdown of relations.

How to understand that your family is in crisis? There are certain signs that point to this:
- The complete absence of quarrels or everyday scandals and hysteria;
- When discussing any problems each insists on his own, without perceiving the arguments of his interlocutor;
- Fixation on the same issue;
- Cooling and, in extreme cases, termination of sexual relations;
- Workaholism.

Knowing that your family is in crisis, do not close her eyes to him. He's like a disease: itself will not work. If left untreated, it will leave severe complications, so it is best to turn to family psychologist. There is nothing to be ashamed of, it does not mean that your family some abnormal, with deviations, you just get confused in your life are having difficulties. And when a person is experiencing some discomfort, then he tries to someone to share. So why not ask for help from someone who can make life easier by giving a couple of valuable tips. Psychologist - healer of souls, who has a university degree in this field, which can be expanded on the shelves of your mistakes and guide your relationship back on track.

It psychologist will explain that the crisis - a natural stage in the development of family relations, it can not be prevented, but you can survive without global losses. To do this, it is important to learn to listen to and hear each other. We need to talk about problems, try to find ways to resolve them, and not to withdraw into themselves and weeks not talk to each other. People should learn to apologize to each other, pointing to his mistakes and trying to find a compromise solution for both. Silence - this is not a way out.

How long you may live together, the couple should assist each other favors. Any woman at any age would be pleased if her husband gave her a bouquet of flowers or make a little surprise in the form of a ring or a modest hike in the theater or cinema. The man will be glad to see his woman is always well-groomed and well-dressed, because his wife in a dirty robe and curlers on her head is just disheartening. Need to win each other, preserve and maintain mutual feelings, because love is like a flame: the wind blows, pour rain, and it fades out, and if it be protected, it will long to please you with its warmth and light coming from it.

People should learn from their mistakes. In ways it applies to absolutely everything including jealousy. Jealousy - a measure of your weakness and self-doubt, in some clinical cases of a disease. Keep yourself in the hands and trust your partner in life.

There is another vital principle - sometimes it's better to be silent than to speak. Even if you've ever made and stupid at the same time unpleasant for your partner's fault, it is better to remain silent. It is not necessary to kindle the fire of doubt in his mind. But we should not constantly lie to pleasure his own half. Whatever quality lie was, she certainly pops up at the most inopportune moment, and your trust limit is reached.

The onset of the crisis helps spouses to see not only the negative in their relationship, but what brings them together makes family ties stronger. The crisis is a necessary factor for the analysis of the present and build a future relationship.

Do not be afraid to ask a psychologist, forget their prejudices. At stake your happiness and the happiness of your family.

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