Difficult relationship with his ex-wife: how to use the technique of neutralization

Difficult relationship with his ex-wife: how to use the technique of neutralization
 Not always and not everyone is able to create a full and strong family the first time. You can survive a divorce, if the separation takes place in a civilized former spouses. However, this is not always necessary, especially if the former spouse feels offended. How can neutralize the nightmare called "ex-wife"?

Divorce is hard going through any woman. But a divorce from her husband, who left her for another, experienced doubly difficult. Feel abandoned, former spouse can turn life into a nightmare couples, especially if to break character and she was far from "no sugar".

That is capable of an abandoned wife. First of all - on their own interpretation of events in which her ex-husband prepared for the role of a womanizer, a scoundrel, a sadist, etc. But if all the attacks ex-spouse responds correctly and safely, the course can go "heavy artillery": statement to the police about the attempted rape and beatings, threats, etc., the desire to set up all against the "traitor". In the "military action" in this case, involved friends, relatives, children, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances.

All these attacks are usually heavily experienced couple in love, feels guilty because of the fact that they are happy, and ex-wife - no. What can you do in this situation? First of all - get rid of the guilt. You are not to blame for the fact that so was your life. No one is to blame, that the love of one person cool and to another - broke out. Also, if you think that the ex-wife of committing these horrible acts of great love, you're wrong - love is incapable of meanness. If she loved you, then let go to, how painful it may be. And feelings of his ex-wife, doing nasty things, manages only selfishness and desire for revenge, come what may.

Ask for forgiveness, and if the ex-spouse will go to conciliation, so in her case, all is not lost. If she does not want to hear from you - ask for forgiveness and stop mentally tormented by remorse about it. Ceasing to emotionally react to attacks "energy vampire", after a while, you will be surprised to note that it had disappeared from your life.

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