Coincidence biorhythms - the key to a successful marriage

Coincidence biorhythms - the key to a successful marriage
 Feeling at his waist hand partner early in the morning, the girl displeased frowns and says he wants to sleep. Late in the evening a man falls asleep, despite the persistent fondling girls. Once such a situation can be tolerated, but if it happens regularly, it could lead to quarrels and misunderstandings spouses. But neither man nor woman in no way to blame. They all blame - biorhythms.

Answer the question, what do these same biorhythms is not so easy. This is preceded by a long and meticulous study of the works of biology and chemistry. But, in general, we can say so. Every person, whether male or female, is subjected to determine the effect of time of day on your body. Each of us has its own internal clock, for which there is an organism. It is known to all taken away "larks" and "owls". Someone comfortable to sleep early and go to bed early, for someone is an ideal time for any kind of activity - late at night.

Adapt to their biological clock, in general, is not so difficult. Problems begin to arise when these hours do not match the two partners. The fact that the time of day depends on the concentration of hormones in the body, men and women, which is why at different times of the same affection or can bring great pleasure or annoy. In the morning hours the concentration of testosterone in the male increases dramatically. For this reason, men are so fond of morning sex.

Aligns the concentration of hormones in men and women are more likely in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the rhythm of life rarely allows this time to indulge in a romantic adventure.

And all this - only averaged data. Biorhythms partners may vary very, very much. And especially a lot of problems such inconsistencies can bring spouses. Indeed, a large number of office romances among women is explained by the fact that at the height of the working day her body is even ready to intima.

That such problems did not arise, should always listen to themselves and to each other. Find out what time of day you want to close most of all, let your partner do the same. You will definitely be able to find some segment of the day, when both are ready. For most couples this time - between 22:00 and 00:00. The woman at this time slightly reduced sexual sensitivity, but the romantic feeling worse. The man is a day accumulate a lot of energy that it needs before going to bed throw.

Of course, such data may not apply to all couples, so schedule sex every couple should be their own.

If it is impossible to find a compromise at all, you should think about changing their own habits. After all, no biorhythms do not have to destroy the relations between spouses.

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