Length matters

Length matters
 When choosing a dress or skirt women are guided not only on fashion, style or coloring things, but also on its length. This is understandable, since only a couple of centimeters in one way or another can make an outfit irresistible or, conversely, turn it into a gaudy cloth, which can not be worn. Much depends on when and where you think you bought a thing to wear.
 Short skirt. This is a common but controversial perceived article of clothing. This skirt looks very good only on girls with a perfect figure. If you are not sure that perfectly folded or know exactly what your legs are too thin, thick, or not quite equal, it is hardly appropriate to acquire such a thing. But even if your physique above all praise, think about where you will wear this outfit? Short skirt may be appropriate at a party with friends at any picnic or during a shopping trip. But any serious event it will look strange.

Knee-length skirt is considered to be universal, as this length is suitable for almost everyone. This skirt can be worn at any time, including at work. It is this length adopted in institutions where there is a dress code.

Dress or skirt length by up to mid-calf, and are ideal for winter and summer. They look good on women of different height and build, with the exception of only low girls - their legs in the dress of that length may seem shorter. But often such length skirt helps to hide some flaws, for example, full hips or knees. Complete your outfit with high heels shoes, and you'll look slimmer. Unfortunately, this length is not suitable for women with full calves.

Long dresses are attractive in their own way, and also suitable for many women, especially the tall, slender girls and women of medium height. Of course, if you have big hips or waist is not very elegant, it should be more carefully choose the dress. In this case, would look great long dress with a high waist and tailored uneven bottom. It is not necessary to abandon the long dresses and low girls. It is simply a tight fit your figure. Long dress is preferred for many evening social events.

How do you determine your ideal length? You must remember that the view highlights the part of the foot, which forms a horizontal line skirt. If it will be held at its widest point - the legs will seem better, and if at the thinnest, then, respectively, slimmer.

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