Eco Shopping: dress cleverly

Eco Shopping: dress cleverly
 The purchase process is now called shopping. Well, if after shopping in a purse money left, but my heart happy. However, it is often the opposite - a wardrobe packed with things to wage another week, but nothing to wear. Very familiar, does not it? How to learn how to buy and not to lose his head at the sight of shop windows?

Compose shopping list

In the wardrobe of a woman must be present things fit together and make it possible to look brand-new day. Needed skirt, pants and jacket that can be worn together or separately and, universal classic jeans, a few blouses (for work and output), comfortable turtleneck, warm sweater or jacket, a few T-shirts and tops. Of outerwear - winter coat, raincoat or jacket for the season and a summer windbreaker. This is - the minimum set, the rest depends on your wallet.

Remember - all things must match the color and texture. You do not have to leave home to frantically search for what kind of blouse fit your trousers.

Where to buy

Very comfortable large shopping malls - they represent products of different brands and price range. You will be able to compare prices and models. Do not buy things on the market, in transit or with hands - acquiring cheap blouse or jacket, you will enjoy your purchase. However, after several weeks of socks or after the first wash you can deeply disappointed.

What to buy

Buy comfortable clothing. This - the main principle of the right shopping. You should not miss high heels and dresses stretch. You will get them when you need just such a clothing outlet. And if you came to buy something every day, buy only what is suitable for this purpose. You can even bring your skirt or pants, to which you are looking for a sweater, and see how it will look.

Who to bring

Anyone. It is better if no one will disturb you, advise or to impose their preferences, persuading you to buy another unwanted blazer or jacket.

How much money to take to the store

Take as much money as you are going to spend. For this purpose we preliminarily find out how many there are things like the fact that you need. The presence of extra money in your wallet can lead to what you spend it on some unnecessary thing.

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