Choice of color wedding dress

Choice of color wedding dress
 Wedding Dress - one of the main attributes of the marriage ceremony. And every bride wants her outfit was blindingly beautiful, interesting and memorable. The more that modern fashion welcomes the boldest experiments with color and style of wedding dress. Let us dwell on the colorful coloring wedding trends.

Choice of color wedding dress at first glance seems obvious. Although white is still the most popular, not every girl wants to go down the aisle in a white dress. And the reasons for this are many. Someone wants to effectively stand out compared to other brides. Some people just do not like the white color (too easily soiled, boring). Finally, there's also those for whom the white dress is absolutely contraindicated because not compatible with the type of appearance. And if the classic white color not only emphasizes your natural beauty, on the contrary, it completely hides, feel free to give it up. After wedding fashion offers many alternatives.

At all times, the bride was and remains a symbol of purity, tenderness and innocence. To convey these nuances in his outfit, make your choice on the quiet, gentle shades: cream, pistachio, ivory or champagne shade. These colors are not worse than white, underline your solemn and noble image. In a wedding dress, designed in the classical tradition, welcome also very pale, subtle shades of pink, apricot, green, blue.

If you - a fan of outrageous prefer all catchy and unusual, you offers wedding fashion dress in red, purple, turquoise and even black wedding dress. Such courage is quite acceptable for girls to marry is not the first time. Choosing a dress contrasting shades, be sure to pay attention to the harmonious combination of your image with the groom's suit.

In addition to visual preferences, the color of the wedding dress should be suited to your type of appearance (hair, skin tone, figure). On this basis, blondes should pay attention to bluish, peach, golden color. For redheads brides perfect choice will be the whole palette of cream shades. By the Light Brown hair, perfect pale pink, pale lilac or pale green dress. Well, brunettes can safely try on silver, pink and white classic outfits.

Also, do not forget that the color of the dress should not be contrary to your character. Red - the source of life energy, and commitment. Violet is associated with magic and mysticism. His chosen bride, who see in the wedding ceremony, first of all, a magical ritual. Yellow indicates the easy and direct relationship to life. Blue - the color of loyalty, tranquility, serenity. Green symbolizes perseverance, confidence, persistence.

Even if you chose a white dress, it is possible to add contrasting elements, or accessories (embroidery, bright belt). This dress is the epitome of both traditions, and a reflection of your personality.

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