Style "vintage" in modern fashion

Style "vintage" in modern fashion
 Today vintage style so popular that retro fashion craze has penetrated into all spheres of life. Therefore, those who have survived grandmother's things very lucky: they have the opportunity to fill a wardrobe absolutely free exclusive things and look stylish.
 Vintage - is one of the trends in fashion, seeking to revive in the conditions of modern trends of previous years and involves the wearing of old things, restored and adapted to reality. The very name of the style comes from the French language, which was used in winemaking, wine labeling excerpt.

Vintage style is widely used by many designers, but his popularity he owes a lot to the stars. Having the right to non-standard opinion and wanting to stand out, many of them continue to carry things, has long disappeared from the shelves. Barbra Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna - they all had a hand in the promotion of clothes from past decades to the masses, putting old by modern standards, dresses and suits. This style surely is one of the leading places among the fashion trends, so it is wise to remember all is well forgotten old.

The main indicator to classify a thing to this style - it's her age. Clothing younger than 20 years to vintage does not apply. Lower bound is more subtle. According to one interpretation of a thing not to be established within 60 years of the last century, otherwise it belongs to the retro style. Whereas in other products, who turned 50 years old, are invited to consider antiques.

Naturally, the vintage clothing should be interesting, casual skirt of my grandmother's trunk does not fit into the style even after the most careful restoration. Therefore, in order to wear these dresses and suits, you need to have a good sense of taste and knowledge to highlight certain things fashion eras of the total body of old rags.

At the same time share the authentic vintage items and stylized in this style. The latter are the clothes of modern fabrics, sewn in the style of retro fashion, and do not have such a high value as exclusive things past years.

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