Shocking in fashion

Shocking in fashion
 Among the infinite variety of human beings in all ages meet characters who want to stand out from the gray mass. They are usually suspected of commercialism - the desire to quickly achieve success in life, they do not deserve. As a rule - the truth lies in the middle. Indeed, there are many professions in which to successfully start without shocking not do. But there is a person who simply fall into depression without using the increased attention of others. Forgive them in advance. Without them, life would lose a lot of colors!

First Lady of shocking the fashion of the 20th century - it is certainly Vivienne Westwood. A girl from a poor family that is not resigned to the role of the gray mouse. Besides her appearance on the world fashion scene took place in the era of youth protest movements, which then only gain momentum. Torn clothes, seamy things - it's all her invention, which she brought into fashion in the late 20th century. Designers use them to this day. Vivienne recognized in numerous interviews that her collection - a parody of high fashion. However, these findings have given her life style punk having many followers.

John Galliano - this is a slightly different case. This designer is so personal idea of ​​beauty that its images for the first time - shocking, even though he did not set a goal to shock the audience. This is genius - to draw attention and avoid banality, changing to some extent the public representation of beauty. First famous and then and authority - a situation when the audience is waiting for the new collection, taking advance all its findings.

But Alexander McQueen turned in shocking fashion marketing course. Going after Vivienne Westwood, he produced models in clothes spattered with mud, and even showed the audience his own bare ass. These moves, oddly enough, led him to success - House Givenchy offered him the post of creative director to revitalize its brand. Then the designer began to work more relaxed and really created a lot of interesting collections.

For any popular way something is worth. But it happens that our attention just want to attract any way. And shocking - in vogue in our difficult times.

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