Pre-wedding shopping for the bride

Pre-wedding shopping for the bride
 Wedding - a holiday, leaving behind a trail of happy memories for a lifetime. This day will forever remain in the memory of the bride and groom. Preparations for the celebration takes time and requires careful attention to detail, even. That is why it is important to pre-purchase and prepare everything necessary to the event was held at the highest level.

Every girl presents itself in a wedding dress almost from birth. But tastes change with age, fashion, and also offers a variety of shops there is no limit. The dress should be selected strictly on the size, if it compresses or large it is better not to buy. Especially important style of dress. Absolutely all models need to measure, because the only way to determine suitable outfit or not. Dresses release of white, milk, peach, pink and other colors. Allowed the mixing of colors and the addition of flowers, rhinestones, ruffles and lace.

If the wedding is limited, going to the registry office, you can buy a model with an open neckline, short skirt or fitting bodice, exposing his back. When planning a wedding, the dress should be more restrained. Top model to close the shoulders of the bride and her breasts. You can use the cape, stole, fur coat or bolero.

Fatou chosen at will, there is a short model, classic long veils, hats, tiaras, wreaths and colorful barrettes. Become very fashionable to decorate the bride's hair with fresh flowers.

It would be nice to know in advance about the discounts and sales in shops wedding dresses are often given to newlyweds discount discounts and gifts for the purchased goods. For a fee, it is not desirable to walk alone. So it will be easier to choose a model, it is interesting to learn opinion "from outside" and just to consult in case of doubt about the choice.

Inside, you should pick up the crinoline (petticoat), jewelry and shoes. Fitting wedding dress is preferably carried out in those shoes, which will be on the bride on the wedding day. Sometimes the dress matched gloves, which can be above the elbow or wrist barely cover. They come in lace, silk, made of guipure and adorned with rhinestones or feathers. When selecting gloves is important that their length is in harmony with a long dress.

Underwear and socks must be purchased in specialty stores. It should not constrain movement, cause irritation. It is best to take the model bra with detachable straps, as in most cases the bodice open. Stockings can buy white, sand, flesh-colored or tan color. They have a tight fit and match the size of the leg. Permitted stocking ornament sequins, bows, lace and crystals. On one leg, usually attached garters.

Garter is made of the gum, decorated with flowers, ribbons or other accessories. Put on one of the legs of the bride in the hip area and stays there until the evening. At the end of the banquet the bride throws her unmarried friends in the crowd. Who caught the garter and the culprit will be the next celebration.

Bride headdress should be selected on the basis of her hairstyle on your wedding day. Buy a need that length veil that matches the dress. If the dress is better to restrict short flowers in their hair or hat. If the dress is long, with a train or just to the floor, then you should choose a veil below the shoulder blades. In case if you are planning a wedding, you should pay attention to models that allow a person close to the clavicle.

Bride should buy shoes in the evening, according to the fashion wedding dress. If it is not bought, it is necessary to focus on the desired model. Shoes should be comfortable, easy, stable heel.

Many salons offer to buy a dress for hire for half its value. This option will substantially reduce costs while shopping bride. This dress can be subsequently returned to the salon, and not to worry about cleaning it. There are salons that after the celebration redeem bridesmaid dress for much of its value. These options should be considered at the stage of buying dresses and agree in advance on the conditions of return.

Bouquet of the bride should be in harmony with the appearance of the bride. Usually the girls themselves choose to purchase, combine and come up with a color combination. Florist can help in the selection based on the model and preferences of the bride dresses.

Wedding efforts are time-consuming, so it is advisable for this purpose to allocate themselves all day and think carefully about the shopping list, go to bridal salons.

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