Home clothes for the modern woman

Home clothes for the modern woman
 With the advent of the lives of people opportunities to work at home and not in the office, becoming more important indoor clothing. For the modern woman choosing clothes for the house is very diverse. But with all the abundance of goods, some basic images that are selected for the ladies home environment.

To do this, the image is characterized by a cotton robe (under him, most likely, cotton underwear set with wide straps) jaunty colors and comfortable bedroom slippers with thin soles. A definite plus of this garment - natural fabrics and comfortable shoes. But he is not very attractive to the opposite sex, and that its main drawback. It can diversify by choosing a shorter gown. Defiant mini will look quite different.

I'm not guilty, he has come!

There is already a silk robe, romantic color, on a small heel slippers with furry trim, bright marigolds, sexy lingerie set (not necessarily matching robe). Of course, in this form is not very convenient to clean up around the house or cook dinner, but the woman is always fully prepared. Facilities will add rubber dishwashing gloves, hair while cleaning and all sorts of technical innovations, designed to facilitate the employment of women in the home field.

Fedorino Mount

 This, unfortunately, is the most common way: the old stretched T-shirts, jeans or tights shabby, disheveled bun on the head. Variations in the image a lot, but the meaning is the same. The main (and most likely the only) way of dignity that he is very practical. Any out of fashion, worn or bad thing spot immediately turns into an element of home clothes. But the cons are much more: from the repulsive appearance and ending bad mood during unexpected guests arrive. Improve the appearance of the image can only be replacing the entire wardrobe for the home more attractive.

Athlete, Komsomol and simply beautiful

 The most versatile home wardrobe. Comfortable knit tights or leggings, cotton shirts, lightweight sports shoes, any clothes, do not hold down movements, which emphasize the dignity of the figure. It forms a continuous advantages and tidy, attractive appearance, and the fact that cleaning and other household chores conveniently carried out. Among the shortcomings just envious sighs friends: "And how she manages to always look good? »

Of course, choose clothes for the house you need based on your own preferences, but do not forget that grooming, cleanliness and attractiveness uplifting, and not only for you, increase self-esteem and increase the chances like the charming neighbor, who ran to borrow a pinch of salt.

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