Fashion that works against you

Fashion that works against you
 Every woman wants to dress fashionable and stylish. Why do some fashionable beauties sometimes cause others only contemptuous smile? Do all fashion trends can and should follow? Why in some cases, trendy thing can only demonstrate an inability to dress?

It is necessary to distinguish between high fashion and everyday fashion. The world of high fashion - a special world, similar to the theater, her fancy costumes created specifically to demonstrate on the podium, making them similar to those of stage outfits. However, imagine a woman dressed in haute couture outfit, for example, on the bus. Of course, casual fashion has its own laws.

Of course, you can not blindly copy distant fashion ideals. Any thing is to just look beautiful on you, it should not destroy your style and image. Any clothes should fit the situation.

Sexy style, for example, was originally designed for those who are very active in sports, bodybuilding, fitness and so on. Tight clothing emphasized harmony, plasticity, beautiful legs and narrow waist. Of course, if a woman can not boast, this style of dress is best avoided. Useless to flaunt his legs are too fat or flabby calves, if you do not want smiles behind her.

Casual style is usually used by those who are dissatisfied with their figure, preferring to hide too full form. However, do not wear clothes three sizes too big. It does not make you slimmer and certainly not strengthen your self-esteem. By the way, it initially chose those girls who want to hide their beautiful figure and draw attention to your inner world. And we have ... However, it happens often.

Too blatant demonstration of underwear is also pertinent only to the podium. In everyday city life linen should be the same color as the clothes, better hide straps. In no case can not be combined blue and red, wearing jeans with low waist, exposing underwear show. All this only shows a lack of taste and disadvantages of education.

Supermini is appropriate in a very small number of cases. They can neither sit nor lean, this is an option only for the podium. Generally miniskirt should end on the palm above the knee, and then prescribe strict rules of etiquette to wear a mini skirt only in places of recreation.

It can be concluded that the crucial in creating your image is not so much a fashion as your taste and elegance.

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