Dandy our time or philosophy total look

Dandy our time or philosophy total look
 Dandy - eternal aesthetes throughout the first declared itself at the beginning of the XIX century, during the period of Romanticism. Then they brought opponents accepted and vulgarity in fashion. Supporters of elegance in appearance, they differ in the aristocratic manners and refinement in taste. A little later the cult dandy read in conjunction with the philosophy of a single style total look.
 In our time, the philosophy of total look many questioned. Experts fashion-trends suggest that total look - it is a single image, which is composed only of clothing, footwear and accessories brand or copied one hair's breadth from the podium, which is a sign of bad taste.

Considering dandyism exclusively as an art of dress, it appears that the dandy can not stay out of fashion. So often it is believed that the dandy today - a man who understands fashion updates and is able to create his own style. This definition is very narrow, because initially - this aristocratic demeanor, charisma and cold, and the individualistic ideology - said fashion historian Olga Weinstein.

Must be distinguished from the modern dandy sophisticated urban fashionistas - metrosexuals. The inventor of this definition, Mark Simpson, explains the origin of the word "mother country" - the capital, which means that urban orientation of these people. As for the difference between the dandy and metrosexuals, Olga Weinstein argues that dandy - a leader of fashion, esthete and a loner, a metrosexual - adherent mass fashion, conformist, which follows the laws of mass.

As a contrast, the dandy can not be a conformist, he will not dress in accordance with the mass fashion. It creates a style, and does not lend itself to him.

Dandy our time - it's the same supporter of minimalism, its feature - naturalness and attention to detail parts. In his way everything should look easy, moderate and elegant, and no pedantry. Dandy embodies a balance between avant-garde and conservatism. He shows his refined taste, sometimes cheeky and bold, but at the same time is able to look dignified and restrained. And most importantly, it has individual traits and manners.

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