Branded clothing - a status symbol?

Branded clothing - a status symbol?
 As you know, meet on clothes, and on how a person looks, depends on many things. Opinion that branded clothing is an indicator of high status and material situation today is very common. But is it really?

Usually wear famous brands worth many times more expensive than conventional things. Precisely because afford such things can not everyone, the notion that brand clothes means high status and became popular. However, it is worth noting that the majority of branded stores today offer a variety of sales, make huge discounts on old collections, making their products more accessible. In addition, there are many stock-centers where you can buy branded items that have not been sold in other stores at discounted prices. In this regard, can be considered opinion that branded clothing - a status symbol, a mistake.

In addition, one can not deny the fact that today's market offers a wide range of counterfeit goods known designers who are cheap. Of course, such things can give way as the material and cut, but from the outside it is very difficult to replace. Distinguish fake some can only person who is well versed in fashion. Such things can afford and people with average incomes, and in this case the brand is not an indicator of high status.

In various magazines you can find many photos of famous people and articles about what clothes they wear. Often there are such examples, when the stars and the rich prefer to wear ordinary things, feeling more comfortable in them and wear designer clothes only way out.

Summarizing, we can say that the widespread opinion that branded items are only people who have a high social status, today can be considered a mistake. Do not confuse a brand things, a wide range of which is represented in every shopping mall, and exclusive models, which are produced in a single copy, and therefore cost a fortune. These outfits can really be an indicator of high status.

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