Aristocratic pallor in fashion again

Aristocratic pallor in fashion again
 Sunbathing or not? Every summer, the girls have to choose between beauty and health. But for several consecutive seasons European fashion houses promote aristocratic pallor.
 Recognized standard model with a matte light skin and discreet makeup. Actual colors of summer - subtle shades of green, turquoise, apricot and peach.

Christian Dior to showcase their collections chose mannequins with transparent pearlescent skin. Model to copy the style of Marlene Dietrich. Thin girls in dresses flashlight saunter on display at John Galliano. Their makeup made them look like porcelain dolls.

Many Hollywood actresses almost never go in the sun, hitting spectators transparent pale face. Kim Basinger, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore and Renee Zellweger never tan. Looking at these stunning beauties, there is no doubt of the correctness of their decision.

But difficult to live a normal girl, not going out in the sun. To help them come with wide-brimmed hats and funds for the skin with a strong protective factor. Use the special tonal fluids for the summer period (Boitherm or Bourjois), they do not clog pores, protects the skin from dust and dirt, give a smooth transparent shade.

Use loose powder in the summer, it is lighter and not as dense as compact. On the bright face looks nice candy lip gloss and light moisturizing lipstick. Eye shadows bring the best and not a pencil, a makeup looks natural.

If you do not wear hats, but you have a long walk in the sun, take an ordinary umbrella. There are also special accessories made of handmade lace or related style macrame. These umbrellas are very beautiful and do not spoil your style Snow Queen.

Going hiking, buy a sports hat, it will not only protect your face from unwanted tan, but also protect against the sun and heat stroke.

Must be free from dead skin chapped scales with scrubs and peels. Do these treatments 1-2 times a week, then, subject to all of the above rules your face will always be clean and pale.

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