Top 5 mistakes in clothing

Top 5 mistakes in clothing
 Clothing - a way of expression. But if you - ordinary person, then choose clothes would probably be appropriate. Sense of style and measures will not prevent even one whose purse is bursting from the bills, as in this question are wrong even avid shopaholics. Therefore, it is worth remembering the five most important errors in clothes.

1. Incorrect style

Even the trendy thing will not make you prettier if you basically do not go this style. Therefore, in the pursuit of fashion or girlfriends do not forget that different people things look quite differently, and choose only what suits you. Absolutely any shape can be submitted in a favorable light or spoil inappropriate style. If you too are thin, the tight stuff only accentuate it, and the extent of multi-layered outfit will look perfect. Too full figure and legs should not be too tight, however, like to hide under the robe. Best fit things slightly boxy.

2. Unsuccessful combination

Individually, each of worn things may look great on you, but it does not always mean that they also will look good together. Free wide bottom suggests a relatively narrow top and vice versa. If you wear a tunic, robe with wide pants or full skirt, your figure is completely lost in them.

3. The combination of colors

Remember that too many colors in the clothes look "flashy", it is desirable that there were not more than three, and they should go well with each other.

4. Too dark clothing

Dark clothing slim and practical to wear, but if you are completely packed in black, dark blue, etc. apparel, then it will look very bleak. If you really like dark colors, do not forget to dilute it with bright accessories.

5. Inappropriate style

Before you dress, think about what style would be appropriate in this situation. Do not choose sports and jeans style for the theater or participate in negotiations. Also looks inappropriate elegant cocktail dress in the office or on a walk in the park.

Remember that the acid colors adequately look only at children and adolescents. If you have already grown out of adolescence, choose colors of classic tones.

And finally, please do not let your men wear bright socks under dark suit.

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