Top 10 most expensive dresses in the world

Top 10 most expensive dresses in the world
 When the phrase "expensive dress" imagination immediately draws luxurious weave golden threads, a scattering of precious stones and laborious manual work of the famous fashion designer. Dresses in the world are many, but among them are the most remarkable and expensive items.  

The first line confidently takes the wedding dress from a famous designer Renee Strauss. A scattering of precious stones adorned dress thanks to the efforts jeweler named Martin Katz. The cost of this work of art is around 10 million euros, but it is still waiting for its happy owner.

On the second position from Scott Henshalla dress. It is very curious instance resembles cobweb encrusted with 3,000 diamonds. Samantha Mumba - the famous Irish singer - appeared in this dress at the premiere of the film "Spider-Man 2". Very extravagant.

Wedding dress by Japanese designers closes the top three. A distinctive feature of this dress - it is very tiny size, plus, it is too short to go for a wedding dress. Corset decorated apparel exactly 1,000 pearls, and two diamonds - green (8, 8 carats) and gold (5 carats). The estimated cost of this model - 7 million euros.

In fourth place work of Mary Grafhogel that the world's first decided to try to combine the expensive diamonds and a very bold idea. Dress, which has a corset of fine silk and transparent trail, was bought about 1, 5 million euros. At exactly 2000 dress shining stones.

In fifth place on the wedding dress designer from the United States Anthony Le Beth. Material - organza, the total number of diamonds - 1100. Their total weight is 300 carats. Also, the model is inlaid with 3000 Swarovski crystals. Cost - 300 thousand euros.

In sixth place masterpiece outfit from Tanaka worth 200,000 cu. Dress sewn from the finest threads of gold, while its weight is only 1, 1 kilogram.

In seventh place dress from Christian Dior, which are imitations of ancient royal robes bygone eras. The cost - about 200 000 dollars per copy.

Eighth place is a wedding dress Melanie Trump from the above collection of Dior. This masterpiece was made entirely by hand. 90 meters delightful satin embroidered with silver rivet just admiring glances.

Penultimate line occupied air and light dress by Christian Lacroix for 150 000 dollars. Golden prints and delicate chiffon dress pretend unusually noble. Optional accessory - a crown.

And closes the rating "The most expensive dress in the world" rather modest by the standards of the other outfits dress from Valentino. Its cost is $ 50 000. But despite this, the famous Jennifer Lopez chose this model for their own wedding ceremony in 2001.

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