The reorganization of the interior space of the cabinet

The reorganization of the interior space of the cabinet
 Wardrobe - a huge piece of furniture, which often takes almost half the room. However, even in such a "colossus" does not fit all. How can reorganize the interior of the cabinet to use every square inch?

First loop through all the things that are in the closet. Clothing is divided into three parts. To take the first part of the one you wear with pleasure and who you are. The second - the one you wear occasionally and without apparent pleasure. And the one that owns the old clothing that does not paint or you are not happy, and others.

Leave only the first part, the second Take to the country, and the third - discard without regret. Put clothes in the closet. Pants hang on special hangers. Note that if you have irregular size hangers, you need clothes will take much more space, and it would be difficult to see behind the protruding edges of the other clothes. Shirts piled on horizontal shelves, and carefully fold the shirt as the purchase and place them vertically (!). So, you'll see the whole range and search and retrieval pomnetsya not others. Important place all things according to the colors - from dark to light shade.

If you store your shoes in the wardrobe, put it in the bottom of the interior space and furniture. Purchase a pair of shoes for every plastic cases. They are transparent, so you can clearly choose the pair that you need. If it is very expensive, then stick to cartons photos lying in their shoes.

Stick to the order in things. This will help to preserve the maximum usable space. Take place in the closet for five outfits. These clothes should ideally you sit and look great. Keep them handy so in a hurry to arrive late or emergency exit you do not have scoured all the content that is so carefully packaged. Hang additional compartments for belts and scarves. They can be placed on the cabinet door.

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