Stylish images for fall

Stylish images for fall
 No wonder that in the fall, many people suffer from depression. Rain, sleet, gray sky ... If your mood falls with the temperature outside, and in the autumn wardrobe is dominated by dull and dark colors - it's time to create a more positive and comfortable images. Chic in the mirror and awareness of their own attractiveness - the best cure for sadness and longing.
 Fur - a mandatory element of the wardrobe gorgeous woman. Of course, every year pamper yourself buying a new fur coat or not everyone can. Add sophistication in autumn images using fur accessory this season, designers offer to buy flirty "tail" -brelok, which stands on the handle to carry the bag, small cap or furry catkins. A fur collar will be a real lifesaver fashion. With it, you can "revive" even an old coat or jacket. Choose fur neutral colors: white, gray, beige. Models also are different: LIC fur suit for clothes in the style of casual, while the collar, decorated with satin ribbon, complement an evening dress.

Poncho for several seasons at the peak of popularity. Free cutting hides figure flaws, so wearing a stylish thing can fashionista any age and size. Knitted poncho - irreplaceable clothing for the cold season. It does not restrict movement, retains heat and creates a comfortable and feminine image. Choose a poncho autumn colors: camel hair color, wine, burgundy. It is best to combine it with jeans, skinny or narrow trousers, also with knee-high boot with a wide leg. Do not forget to pick up accessories: knitted bandage suitable for hair, multiple bracelets with ethnic pattern, bulk bag.

Flirty shorts can be worn not only on sunny summer days. Combine denim shorts, thick cotton and even leather with embossed acrylic tights. Actual colors: brown, beige, gray, classic black. On the crest of a wave is fashionable cell and abstract patterns. It is not necessary to write off and animal prints, but the right to beat them in the autumn image is quite difficult. Complete shorts and plain cardigan with a V-cut or knit turtleneck, tight-fitting shape. Option for the brave - shortened leather jacket-leather jackets. Should not be worn with shorts jackboots, otherwise you will look vulgar. The best solution - resistant boots with laces.

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