Fashion in the box

Fashion in the box
 Cage has long passed into the category of classical paintings, along with strips, peas and stylized animals' skin. However, it is now checkered print is experiencing a new round of popularity: it is worn and strict business lady and representatives of youth subcultures.

Different types of tartan prints have their own history and help create a custom image. Red and white classic cage "Vichy" is associated with the country style of "country". It is suitable for frivolous summer dresses and tops, as well combined with ethnic ornaments and jewelry with glass and plastic. "Tartan" is quite appropriate for the traditional pleated skirts, business suits, elegant capes and coats. It will allow to diversify even the most strict office dress code. Fashionable and checkered print is in the spirit of the paintings of the Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian. This image is a composite of the prisoners in the squares of three primary colors: red, blue and yellow.

Wearing a cell is not easy. It visually increases the volume, so skinny models are suitable mainly slender girls. Various embodiments of checkered fabric may well be combined with each other if the color of the clothes are not too bright. In this cell must vary in size.

Years of proven option is to combine with a plain material: with the "Scottish" skirt can be worn gray turtleneck and a strict dress in black and white checkered pick up a snow-white jacket straight cut and bright shoes. Fashion accessories are recent long tunic shirt in a large square. They can be worn with jeans, trousers or a light summer dress in turn, tightened at the waist with a thin lacquer belt.

Checkered print perfectly exists not only on the hem of her skirt, but also decorate various accessories. This can be a hoop for hair, wide belt, rim glasses or even drawing on the ring-signet. There are appropriate, any color - from gray to beige and acid-yellow, pink and green. Remains unchanged fashion plaid sharfy- "arafatki", which now are not only teenagers, but also their parents. Particularly relevant volume scarves decorated with fringe or a small brush.

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