Dress Shirt style: choose on the specifics of the figure

Dress Shirt style: choose on the specifics of the figure
 Dress Shirt style today is a fashionable element of modern woman's wardrobe. To create the original image and the beautiful silhouette is necessary to choose the right style and additional accessories.

Dress Shirt style can be not only independent outfit for various events. It goes well with a sweater and boots, so important for the autumn period. It can draw a bright decoration or accessories, thereby outfit gets a festive look. For the remaining cases fit everyday option.

If a female figure resembles an hourglass, it is advisable to dress in the style of the shirt to use contrasting strap. Such a bright accessory not only update the image, but also give the silhouette of femininity, emphasizing the waist line. In this case, the line is rounded hips and breasts, due to what a woman looks very sexy.

For sexy arms and shoulders is recommended to choose a dress kind of word of mouth, ie with an open shoulder line. For overweight hands, on the contrary, you need to choose a style with long sleeves, which will hide the defect figure of a woman.

Owners of wide hips need to select those models that befit ruffles, flounces, embroidery on the upper part of the dress. This cut will allow to translate the attention of others with the hips on the line chest.

Dress with the smell - is the best option for almost any woman with any figure. This is due to the fact that this style creates a visually slim silhouette and at the same time creates a contrast between the waist and hips of women.

Thus, with the help of competent selection of dresses in the style of the shirt, you can not only hide the obvious flaws and defects in shape, but also highlight the advantageous side silhouette of a woman. To update boring attire appropriate to use new accessories that will give the original image and update everyday appearance of women. These accessories can be regarded as belts, scarves or handkerchiefs to the neck, jewelry, handbag, gloves, shoes, etc.

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