Color manipulation

Color manipulation
 If you decide to change the color of the hair, is not enough to find a good master. It is very likely that you will also have to pick a different makeup, change part of your wardrobe, and get used to the new image.
 Deciding to become a blonde, a close look in the mirror. King of all shades of bright gamma - platinum blond. It is only women with pale, but perfect skin. It is desirable that while you were blue, gray or green eyes. But honey hair color recommended girls with brown eyes and a neutral color of the skin. Has its own peculiarities in the colors of makeup. Platinum blondes will be to face the blue, blue and purple shadows, and honey girls should choose brown and green. Blush is better to take pale pink and ruin cover transparent, peach or beige and gold glitter. Public opinion endowed blondes such features as lightheadedness, communicative, optimistic and sexuality.

Become a brunette can practically any woman, the main thing - to choose the right makeup. Particular attention is paid to decorative cosmetics have pale girl - too bright person can simply get lost. Use bright and rich colors. Fit brown, gray, black or green shade. Blush is better to choose bronze or pearlescent. The choice of lipstick for brunettes is simply huge. Experimenting, increased attention to the pure color. Brunettes are considered serious and practical natures, but they are friendly and easy to communicate with them.

Auburn - is one of the most multifaceted colors. Pale girl suit bright red hair, but the ladies with an olive complexion better painted in dark red. If your eyes are green, then red very well accentuate them. The only people who should avoid red - a woman with a reddish complexion. Makeup redheaded girl should be bright, otherwise her face looks painful. Emphasis is placed on the eye, and in the course may be not only the shadow and mascara, but also a variety of sequins and pearl. Red girl in the eyes of most look active, passionate and extravagant.

Painted in brown-haired woman is recommended to owners of light peach, pale pink or olive skin, coupled with green, blue or dark brown eyes. Brown-haired girl suit smoky shadows, as well as various shades of pink and fashionable this season fuchsia. Color shades can be combined with the color of lipstick. Popular rumor has endowed shatenok traits such as friendliness, liveliness, but at the same time judgment.

Those who wish to be painted in blue or purple need to carefully assess their appearance. Purple suit owners of light skin and blue or gray eyes. These girls will like ethereal creature, dyed her hair. In blue color can be painted as pale and dark-skinned lady, owner of a dark brown or black eyes. This color is strictly avoid ladies with a reddish complexion. By the selection of make-up you will also have to come up with great care. As a rule, young ladies with purple hair and go smoky grays and blue-haired girls better be painted black or brown. Clear or pale pink gloss will look perfect. The Company believes the girls with unusual hair color original and flighty, and expect them to extravagant actions.

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