Broadtail: unusual fur

Broadtail: unusual fur
 Karakul is traditionally one of the most popular types of fur. It is beautiful, durable and relatively affordable. Most expensive kind of karakul is broadtail. So called fur, which is derived from unborn lambs - miscarriages or vyporotkov. It is obtained in about two weeks before the delivery date.
 Fur is obtained with a unique "moire" pattern, which form a soft silky curls of hair. This is not the swirls in the full sense of the word, they only appear on day 2-3 after the birth of lambs. It's like a hint of their scheduled "sketch".

Broadtail - fur is quite gentle and not very durable. Its lifetime is limited to two or three seasons. Despite this shortcoming, this kind of astrakhan is becoming increasingly popular among designers, designers and buyers.

Broadtail found in different colors, but the most common is black. When hair lamb consists of mixed white and black hair, it turns gray. Hue also depends on their percentage. Special sort of fur is suras, when hair is dyed unevenly - they are dark at the bottom and lighter at the ends. Extremely rare and beautiful pink broadtail, it is called in Uzbek "guligaz" ("color tamarisk"). It is obtained by mixing brown and white hair. There are variegated skin color, who have contrasting spots on the main background color.

Products from karakulcha light, very soft and pleasant to the touch. From this fur performed really exclusive things intended for publication. It's not just a coat, but capes, jackets, suits, skirts, shawls and even swimwear.

The difficulty in working with this material explains the high cost of products. On the skins are very visible seams, because hair is very thin. Master must exercise great precision when cutting and sewing products, which requires specialist skills and experience. Furthermore, skins differ greatly from each other in degree of reflection of the incident light, so that even a small product to collect, sort out requires a great many pieces of fur.

Another reason for the popularity of this unusual fur is its property does not give the amount of the woman. Simply put, it is not complete. After hair is very short and skins tight to the body.

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