Stylish indoor clothing

Stylish indoor clothing
 House - this is the place where you can relax and unwind after a busy day. However, this is not a reason to dress up in a stretched T-shirt and faded sweatpants. Look at home - does not mean sloppy and unkempt. Working on a stylish and comfortable way you work and on family relationships - are accustomed to see the house attractive and fashionable wife, beloved will certainly try to come home early.

The first is to conduct an audit of its "home wardrobe." What do you prefer to wear at home? Old things that were once loved but lost presentable? Tracksuit, with stretched jersey on his lap and frayed sleeves? Or maybe an old robe, which is capable of any beautiful young woman turned into a nondescript mouse? No regrets stack these things in a garbage bag and applies it in the trash.

Before you go in search of a new home "outfit", remember a few selection criteria. Firstly, you should choose clothing made from natural fabrics. After all vacation needs not only you but also your skin. It is therefore important that the material is breathable and was pleasant to the touch. Cotton - every day, linen - in the summer heat, and warm woolen cardigan help on cold winter evenings.

Second, do not just not Mark, practical colors. It is better to wash more clothes home, but they look fresh and feminine. Avoid black and dark gray. Despite the fact that the dark-colored suit visually removes a couple of inches from the waist and hips, your face will get ugly earthy tone, hair will look dull. But soft, pastel colors are ideal for creating a feminine, gentle way. Choose pink, green, purple and blue, depending on what colors are right for your type of appearance - cold or warm.

The perfect outfit for the house - a beautiful knitted dress or tunic. After all, in the dress of a woman looks the most attractive. In addition, choosing the "right" model, you will be able to hide flaws and, conversely, to emphasize the dignity of the figure. Want to highlight the waist? Look for a dress with a flirty belt. Hide wide hips? The classical model of "sun-bottoms" - for you. Slender girls (as well as their favorite men) will appreciate the tight dresses -futlyary of soft cotton that does not restrict movement, but beautifully outline silhouette.

It is also worth to buy pantsuit who help out in the cold season. The optimal solution would be three-piece suit consisting of T-shirts with short or long sleeves, knitted bryuchek and sweatshirts with zippers. With the help of this kit, you can create multiple images.

Dresses, tunics, dresses - clothes, which is convenient to do household chores and not be ashamed to meet the guests who came unexpectedly. Another traditional element of home style, which became a symbol of the tortured life of housewives - bathrobe. However, a beautiful bath robe made out of a soft terry cloth or velor, only decorate its possessor. Another great option - silk kimono free cut, which will feel like a real queen, even within the walls of the usual city apartment.

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