Models of jeans: what will suit you

Models of jeans: what will suit you
 It is hard to imagine modern fashion without jeans. Denim trousers certainly have in the wardrobe of every girl. Jeans have captivated the whole world and lose his popularity ever. Each season brings a new denim fashion model, style, detail and colors.
 Jeans are the subject of daily wardrobe, so to always look stylish, just follow fashion trends world's leading brands. So, now the actual minimalism. He is the absence of jeans decorative elements, excessive frills and bright colors.

Owners of beautiful slender legs, you can still put on tight jeans screenshots to demonstrate their dignity to others. Among the fashionable options can be found at the bottom of the model with cuffs tucked, narrow and wide cropped jeans. Latest - perfect for girls who can not boast of a slender figure.

Jeans, narrowed down and wider at the hips, which is popularly called "breeches" and "bananas", you can safely wear always. But they do not all fit. Ladies with steep hips forced to refrain from such a purchase, since this model does not only emphasize the perfect figure. Such women can safely choose cowboy jeans that are just a bit narrower on the leg.

Denim Jeans provided in different versions of landing: high, fastened at the waist, and low on the hips. For girls who prefer the retro style, designers jeans back from a bygone era. Flared jeans a la 70s are back in fashion.

Innovations in denim industry affected not only the silhouettes, but brought new colors and textures of fabrics. So, it is necessary to look at the velor jeans. This light and elegant material will make any image of stylish and feminine. Also relevant model jeans with inserts of other materials, such as leather, velvet, linen.

About the color scheme can be said that the classic navy blue, blue and black are at the peak of the fashion Olympus. Also relevant are beige, brown and even maroon jeans. It can be plain or model with attrition. Youth option - ripped jeans, as always popular, while they can tear without restrictions and in any place.

Jeans in a minimalist style, close to the classics, can be worn even in an office option. Truncated model combined with high heels are appropriate for any party. And if they are put on a fancy blouse and accessories, their hostess will look pretty well and at a corporate event, and a gala dinner.

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