How to wear a polka-dot dress

How to wear a polka-dot dress
Wearing a polka-dot dress can be on different occasions. Do not be afraid to appear in it at a business meeting. It is important to choose the right shoes and accessories. Dress with a pattern appropriate at any age. After all, "peas" allows lady visually lose a few years, because it is associated with youth and ease.
Polka-dot dress can be worn not only on summer evenings with frivolous accessories. Toilets with this pattern is quite suitable for business meetings, and social events. The main thing to combine the colors of clothes and pick up the necessary accessories.

For dresses, designed for business meetings is fine small peas. Complementing this outfit monotonous double-breasted jacket, get a very elegant. Discreet accessories and dark pumps complete the look.

The secular party can wear concise open dress in a large pea. Such a large closet perfect pearl jewelry or ideal form. Adding outfit barely noticeable makeup, get the image of a girl of tender age.

Dress with a "polka dots" can be put on and the bride. After the peas can be not only in the form of print. The bride could afford to dress in pastel colors, which interweave field peas in a weave. This toilet will look gentle and elegant.

Putting on a dress with a pattern, "peas", we should remember that it is associated in people's minds with the youth and freshness. Therefore, it is not necessary to supplement the image of bulky boots. For light silk or cotton "pea" dress should be fine sneakers, ballet flats or sandals. Option for secular wonderfully combined with classic shoes and boots with heels or stilettos average.

"Theatrical" make-up will also be misplaced. Thin eyeliner, light shade and a thin layer of blush - a wonderful complement make up the image of youthful spontaneity.

From the plateau in the "peas" surprisingly fresh look small cap with a veil. They make the image of a mysterious and mysterious. "Pea", "scattered" across the field veils, miraculously will overlap with the outfit and create a playful mood. Small peas are allowed and stockings. But there could be selected or stockings, or headdress, so as not to overdo it.

Fresh idea - a clutch with "pea" print. Grabbing a purse to match her dress in "peas", the lady certainly pass for an elegant lady.

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