How to decorate a fur coat

How to decorate a fur coat
 Fur coat itself is a jewel of its owner. However, if your street clothes had turned a certain number of years, you can update it. Enough for it just to decorate fur.
 It just seems that decorate fur impossible. A huge number of options. For example, you can update the appearance of the product, give it weight, sewn as the main buttons on top of the rivet, encrusted with crystals Swarowski. If so expensive element of decor you can not afford, it is possible to replace such decorations on conventional jewelry. This item will be beneficial to stand out coats and to a large extent be able to decorate it. And you will give elegance.

Also as a decoration can serve leather belt. One can also use any original cloth bandage. The main thing is that it is the color contrasted with the main shade of fur.

To help in decorating coats you will come and scarf with tassels. Of course, it should be sized to be sufficiently large. You can wrap it around your waist, leaving a side angle. Alternatively, you can roll scarf with stripes so that the brush looks out, and tie it at the waist. Or you can with the help of this accessory to decorate fur collar. Wear a scarf over her head, the ends tightly fix and charge inside. Remove it from the head and gently wrap them collar.

If your coat rubbed in places, but overall looks still quite presentable, you can at the same time to repair it, and decorate. Cut out of any material - textile, vinyl, suede, leather, etc. - Small pieces, about the size of the damage. Then sew them to the fur. And then attach it to a brooch or crystals or stones - as precious and semiprecious stones. Thus coat is free from the damage and looks quite original.

Can decorate a fur coat, slightly tint it. To do this, divide the product on the sector, to identify those who want to repaint. Then spread hair dye (for dark coats light and vice versa) and begin to apply it on the skin. Allow it to stand for about 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly and dry. So you have to coat markings appear a different color that will be beneficial to distinguish it from other products of the same model.

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