How to choose the color of dress

How to choose the color of dress
 Well-chosen dress - the key to a flawless appearance. In this case, one of the key success factors is the right color. It is desired shade fashion dress transform any woman.
 Selection of dresses, as well as any other thing, it is advisable to start with a definition of its own tsvetotipa. The most common by far is the theory of "Four Seasons", according to which every human being can be attributed to one particular color types.

Women such as "Spring" often have light or wheat thin hair and fair skin. They perfectly fit dress turquoise, gold, peach tones.

For type "summer" is characterized by brown hair, bright eyes and olive skin tone. Dress purple, gray, or purple colors to make an image of a woman and a luxurious organic.

For women, "autumn" type, having reddish or dark brown hair, perfectly suited terracotta, brick and chocolate hues. This palette is contraindicated ladies with dark hair and porcelain skin, which can be attributed to tsvetotipu "winter." So girls ideal combination of black and white, as well as any cool tones.

When choosing the color of the dress necessarily guided by its cut. For example, a high collar dark shades (black, marsh, brown) can give a person an unhealthy appearance. But this light top dress can "highlight" the face and make it more visually fresh.

Do not forget about the peculiarities of their own figures. Darker colors dress will make you visually slimmer and bright gamma able to emphasize the roundness and curvy shape.

Today often dress chosen for specific accessories, and not vice versa. For example, if you purchased a luxury designer shoes bright turquoise, buy them dress in pastel tones. In this case, all the attention of others will be focused on your legs.

Try to select the color of the dress so that this thing is organically fit into the rest of your wardrobe. So you can always dress to combine successfully with other things and accessories.

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