How to choose a belt for jeans

How to choose a belt for jeans
 In the office people wearing costume pants. And jeans in turn - is a popular casual dress, wearing which also requires a certain culture. In particular, jeans belt must be selected properly.

Unlike suit belts, belt jeans should be wider - 4 cm, and is usually provided with a massive buckle. There are some transitional options in widths of 3, 5 cm, which are equally suitable to be worn as a suit or with jeans.

Strap can not say the last word on the material prosperity of man, so give preference should straps that are made of leather. They look much more respectable than their synthetic counterparts.

The belt should be sufficiently elastic, but not too hard, with a well full colored edge. Belt for jeans often stitched around the edges, check the quality of such lines.

Standard recommendations relate to the size of the belt. Conveniently, when the size is not marked M or L, and with the specific waist circumference on which the belt is designed. If you still bought a longish strap, it can always be shortened: Frequently belt design allows it.

It is not necessary to pierce the only additional holes, as it is always noticeable and will certainly break even the most chic belt.

As for colors, with jeans would look great as a black and brown or red belt.

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