From what to wear fur jacket

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 Fur jacket kept those trends is not the first season. Its relevance to ensure a practical, varied colors, shaped by numerous variations. To look attractive and appropriate, it is important to know what to wear fur jacket in different situations.
 Fans of the style "casual" («everyday") offer to wear fur jacket classic colors (black, brown, brown) with narrow blue or blue jeans and high boots without heels. As accessories bag is better to choose from the skin and gloves of the same material. With jeans you can wear bright and fur coats, but watch out for colors ensemble. It is best to choose neutral pants or leggings, for example, black.

Fur jacket will be a great company office suit. It can be worn with trousers, and with a narrow pencil skirt knee-length. Footwear better to pick on a high heel, it can be both shoes and boots.

In a fur jacket is comfortable and on vacation in the country. It will make a great company of the dense fabric pants or jeans dark color. If you need to be in sneakers, stop your choice on models of leather in black or brown. As head accessory suitable neutral sports hats or bandana. If rest does not mean activity to keep warm, to throw with fur jacket with shawl "Russian patterns" - it is perfectly accentuate your individuality.

For evening fur jacket is simply irreplaceable. It can be as a throw on the shoulders over the long dress, then to withdraw and make a major element of the costume. For example, bright colored jacket faux fur distinguish you from the crowd and attract the attention of others. A party to such outerwear best pick leggings, elongated shirt with sequins, as well as shoes or boots, lavishly decorated with rhinestones. This image will make you a real star of the dance floor.

For more formal occasions perfect style fur jacket shortened (bolero or cape). It can be used on top blouse, business or evening dress with a deep neckline. Pick shoes with high heels. Wonderful accessory will be a beautiful brooch pinned to the jacket.

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