Dress Style Casual

Dress Style Casual
 One of the most extravagant and emphasizes the individuality of style of dress - casual. The essence of style fully reflects its name - translated to English means "relaxed", "informal". Breaking all the scope and limitations, combinations of clothes in casual style allow you to create unique images.  

Lack of seriousness in the selection of clothes does not mean tasteless combination - to dress as horrible and claim conformity to the chosen style wise. Casual - is carefully crafted and rehearsed negligence, its charm is the ability to create that touch of naturalness and democracy. The main condition - need to feel comfortable in any outfit and is free, clothing should help a person to be liberated and to show its uniqueness.

In contrast to the formal style, which does not allow any goes beyond casual style is a real riot areas, mixing, and the most unusual combinations. In order to properly assemble a wardrobe must have a perfect sense of taste and learn how to balance on the verge of vulgarity, lack of discipline and incredible chic.

Denim - one of the main elements of style casual. The very texture of denim implies a certain versatility and practicality - jeanswear can combine with the classic strict jackets, ruffles and flounces frivolous, leather, velvet and so on. For people who are in search of his image, denim clothing - a real find.

The lack of clear borders and frames to vary the taste and to combine garments, fabrics, accessories, colors and details. Casual is not afraid to experiment, he welcomes them only. Style is rightly considered the youth - that in his early years, so want to stand out from the crowd, to express themselves and to draw attention. Stratification and mandatory accessories - casual comfortable and unpretentious.

Typical casual ensembles in: sneakers and massive flying skirt of chiffon, classic cut jeans and romantic blouse embroidered with old-fashioned, simple cloak indistinct color and hide beneath an elegant cocktail dress. Casual gives the image of the aristocracy and the subtle glamor that does not want to flaunt.

Currently casual gradually becoming the most fashionable trend, and the style is moved from clothing to architecture, interior design, music, becoming a way of life. This is an indicator that reflects the attitude to life - easy, relaxed, totally frivolous.

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