Casual style and its features

Casual style and its features
 This style is considered the birthplace of the United Kingdom. That country has spread around the world style, which became the hallmarks of comfort, convenience and the opportunity for self-expression. Casual - means an ordinary, everyday.
 To be more precise, it is considered to be the birthplace of casual city of Aberdeen in Scotland. This is a popular style, the main features of which can be considered democratic, ease, looseness, love of freedom. He is equally suitable for life in the city, and to explore the countryside.

This style is so popular also because it is suitable for everyone - women of all ages, types, shapes, any profession. And that is important to observe it does not require large financial costs.

Casual implies a wide range of clothing so that it is easier to list those things that just can not belong to this style. For example, formal dress (royal apparel, ceremonial military uniform), the official suit (tuxedo, suit, business card), the national dress (kimono, Caucasian burka). Also can not be considered Casual clothes, gave his affiliation to any known route, such as hip-hop or hippies.

Nino Cerruti, the Italian fashion designer, one of the first has adopted this style. He even created his own direction, which was called - casual elegance (Casual Chic). Quality fabrics, simple styles - this style features from Cerruti. Sophistication and formality miraculously combined in its products.

Paid tribute to the passion for this style and Giorgio Armani himself, who in all his creations preached a combination of versatility, simplicity and functionality. He introduced the combination of jeans and jackets, jackets without lapels, in general, significantly simplified the official style of clothes.

Today, the most common style is divided into several - business, street, evening. Thus, it is not just a style, it is a conglomerate. In keeping with this trend in the clothing can be dressed stylish, fashionable and beautiful, both during work and on a secular party.

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