What to wear in the office in the summer

What to wear in the office in the summer
 Office dress code is very demanding, and even on the hottest days employees of the organizations have to dress in business style. However, in summer you can choose a strict and at the same time light clothes to look good and not to suffer while the heat.
 Office - this is not a beach or even a street, so do not wear to work translucent blouses, miniskirts, sundresses, shorts, shirts, etc., especially if the authorities in your organization carefully monitors the appearance of employees. Choose a strict dress without decoration, skirts or trousers average pancakes, closed blouses of opaque tissue, lung, but strict sandals or shoes.

To make it not too hot in the summer to work in the office, buy clothing made of natural light fabrics, such as linen or cotton. Choosing pants, give preference to models with large trousers, not fitting, as on a hot summer day you will feel more comfortable in them. Blouse can also be loose-fitting and not the body. This is partly true for skirts, although it would be appropriate and straight pencil skirt.

Shoes or sandals must be strict, but at the same time open. If the required dress code, you can purchase shoes with heels or stilettos, but still it is desirable to give preference to models or on a hill with a flat sole. Do not buy shoes covered with patterned bright colors, it is better to buy plain shoes, preferably beige or white. However, you can purchase and black shoes, especially if it requires the authorities.

Pay special attention to the colors of clothing. Of course, lighter shades are preferable, but some leaders introduced a special restriction even on the choice of color. As a rule, the most strict dress code requires a combination of a white blouse, shirt or jacket with black trousers or a skirt. In such cases, as far as possible is to choose light, not tight-fitting bright blouse with short sleeves and black, not too long skirts. Pants in such situations is not too relevant, because they will not save you from the heat.

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