What jeans are today

What jeans are today
 Jeans - versatile clothing that is suitable to be worn in almost any situation. Properly combining them with other things, you can come up with the images in the different styles - from classic to casual design. We just need to pick one of the advanced models.
 Straight jeans

For that year, direct wide jeans (straight) retain their positions in the fashion world. The only thing that has changed - landing, which was slightly higher. They look great with sweaters, pullovers, shirts, and even the classic blouse and studs. With direct cut of these jeans make legs visually slimmer and fit virtually any body type. Today, these jeans look stylish especially if their edge under and slightly opens the ankle.

Flared jeans

Fashion seventies returns from knee and flared jeans are in 2012 at the peak of their popularity. They can be classic colors, torn or embroidered sequins - everything depends solely on the woman's preference. Especially look stylish jeans, length practically closes shoes. And of course, the higher the heel, looks spectacular such a thing.

Skinny jeans

Also in demand today narrow straight jeans, which have high versatility. They look great as with sports hoodie and a classic boats and jackets. They can be put on a normal walk, a party or even to work in the absence of a strict dress code.


Jeans, skinny leg, like a second skin, more win the hearts of the fair sex. They look great with jackets, fashionable today, tunics, long shirts and blouses of different cut. They are particularly useful in that they can be worn under different shoes - from sneakers to classic boats. And most importantly - free to carry narrow shoes popular today. The only condition - the legs, which are wearing leggings should be almost perfect shape, otherwise all the shortcomings will be visible to the naked eye.

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