Vintage style - well forgotten old

Vintage style - well forgotten old
 Everything is new - it is well forgotten old. This phrase is the best characterized vintage. To create an image in the style used things that were in vogue a few decades ago.
 Vintage style originated in the late XX century. Tired of clothes, tailored according to the same patterns, ladies are beginning to turn to my mother's and grandmother's closet where you can find really unusual and original thing that no one else will.

Who vintage - is one of the most important trends in fashion. A greater role in promoting it played the Hollywood stars who, seeking to stand out, dressed up in dresses and suits of the past decades. After the appearance on the scene of Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker in similar clothes, vintage began to spread rapidly around the world.

Not every thing is extracted from my grandmother's trunk, is vintage. To this direction, the garments created between 60-bit and 80-ies. Thing to be fashionable at the time and clearly associated with a particular era. Casual skirt, albeit well-preserved, is not vintage. Ideal for lovers of antiquity are rare things known brands, but they cost a lot of money.

Many prefer to combine things that have history with modern clothing. In this case, to avoid mistakes is much easier than making your outfit completely in this style. One thing vintage combined with vintage ornaments - long necklaces, brooches, rings, massive, and you get the original image. The main thing is not to overload suit many details, otherwise you will look ridiculous. Also, many people prefer clothes a la vintage - modern things, their styles and cloth-like clothes of yesteryear.

In everyday life is better to use some vintage items, combined with the clothes in the style of casual. Saved the dress, you inherited from her grandmother, for an art exhibition or theme parties. There you will look appropriate and original.

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