The thing with the history of jeans flared

The thing with the history of jeans flared
 Loved by many jeans flared go again returned to fashion catwalks, each time gaining more and more hearts. This thing is steeped in history has survived not one change of fashion trends, trends and styles.
 For the first time began to wear flared trousers in the Navy. Since 1813 they have been part of the form of American sailors. While flared done "from the hip" and on the trousers was not his pants. Buckle was located on the side, to a sailor fell overboard, could quickly remove water tyazheleyuschie things. Sailors for a change in the steel sew trouser pieces of lead. They did it to pant legs when walking swayed like a strong wind storm. Bell-bottoms for 150 years remained extremely formless garment.

In the late 1960s in the United States during the heyday of the hippie culture of the flared remembered. For these hippie pants were a unisex clothing. This cut jeans can be worn guys and girls. They looked almost the same - all with long hair in bright shirts and trousers such.

In the days of the hippies was flared from the knee, and the width was strictly regulated. Below the knee pants width was 21 cm at the ankle - 23 cm. Over time, there were more fashionable models - with a width of 23 and 25 cm. Some wore flared pants - 27 and 32 cm. It is from the hippie jeans flared went to all young people.

After experiencing rapid surge in the 1970s, trousers and jeans flared periodically continue to get the same fashionable wardrobe item. They are replacing the pants-pipes and narrow jeans.

Unlike these jeans from skinny jeans models that wear these pants can afford holders of almost any type of figure. If the girls who have thin or very slender legs - Skins are contraindicated, then flared model can visually hide the flaws.

Due to the fact that the pants flared below the knee extended, there is a visual masking of non-ideal shape of the calves and ankles. And do not look so massive full hips, no matter how they look in skinny jeans. A striking example of this is Kim Kardashian, emphasizing his hips narrow trousers. Not always covered with mold, have a seductive look. Flared same gives the image of romance and some ease.

The main thing is not to overdo it flared jeans with a width of trouser legs at the ankles, not to look unnatural. Only skinny girls, and especially women with high growth and model looks, can afford to experiment with the width of the pants. And everything else you need to give up the extravagant flare.

The advantage of these pants is that they visually make the legs longer. It's enough to wear flared jeans style high-waisted, high-heel shoes and a shirt tucked into jeans.

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