Shorten jeans themselves

Shorten jeans themselves
 The selection of suitable size jeans can sometimes turn into a real problem. To avoid this, you need to buy those perfect sit at the waist and hips. And they can be shortened and independently.
 Cropped jeans are also a fashion trend in 2012. They can be worn as a little tucked and filed. And if you find a suitable option in the store failed, redo old jeans.

The most important thing in shortening - the right to cut off the excess fabric. To do this, exactly tuck jeans on the length you need, securing leg needles or bulavochkami. Be sure to consider the length of the heel. If you are going to wear them with shoes heels, measure the length should only shoes, otherwise you can make the pants too short.

Then remove the jeans to attach the folded portion or centimeter ruler and measure the same distance throughout the entire region. You can make a mark with chalk, dry soap or even a pen, but only from the inside, not to leave any traces. Then gently and evenly cut jeans loop.

Now we need to treat the cut edges and give jeans luster. That they did not look shorter manually, do not throw the cut edge. Carefully cut from their old seam, and then spare him from the old stitching. You should have folded in half tesemochka jeans.

Carefully insert the edge of your jeans, and then baste the ribbon to them. Then select the matching colored thread and pristrochite to jeans ribbon. After that cropped jeans will look fresh and neat. Likewise, by the way, can not only shorten and lengthen jeans but a few centimeters.

Jeans can be shortened and another, faster way. To do this, add circumcision to a suitable length of a further 2 cm. Then remove the pants inside out and wrap tempered centimeters twice the length of the turn-up on the back side was 1 cm. Progladte lapel iron and pristrochite its edge to jeans.

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