Safari dresses 2011

Safari dresses 2011
 Clothing style "safari" - and the current fashion trend spring-summer season. Actually, dresses and suits from rough fabrics pale natural colors, with binding pockets and belt, do not go out of fashion years now 40. More precisely - since 1968, when Yves Saint Laurent has given the status of a classic safari style. Since then, changing only the details and accents. The features dresses "safari" is also in fashion season 2011.

Initially, "safari" was a kind of uniform scientific participants and hunting expeditions, which had to be as inconspicuous among the savannahs and jungles of Africa. But in the 1960s in unlined jackets, but on the belt and pants (no shorts or skirts), sand or green colors began to dress, and residents of big cities. Clothes made of natural fabrics, with lots of overhead and sewn pockets has become not only convenient, but also beautiful dress that can be worn every day. In addition, thanks to the efforts of the Hollywood style "safari" forever entrenched image of the most suitable attire for those who love adventure and romance.

Today, in addition to classical models "safari" that season is already among the fashionistas of the world popular dress in this style. They do not hold down movement, they do not get hot, mandatory belt emphasizes the benefit of women's waist line. Plus - you can combine them with any accessories.

The classic silhouette of this dress - straight or slightly flared towards the bottom. Closure - Front: either it buttons along their whole length, or - just a few of the neck to the waist, or the same options, but with a double row of buttons. More often - unbuttoned a few buttons shirting collar, but the variant and generally without him. But pockets (2 on the chest or 2 on the hips, or all four at once) and a belt - are required.

Standard length dresses in the style of "safari" - to the knee or just above. But in the spring and summer 2011 dresses safari is best to choose to mid-calf, but best of all - on the floor. This - the most chic. If we talk about the fabric, then this season will be particularly relevant those dresses that are made of monochromatic matte leather. Another option - leather, simulated snake. At the other extreme - safari dress, made of light translucent fabrics - lace, chiffon. These may be short, but be sure to have a bottom or asymmetrical, or - in the fringe. By the way, the fabric may have a coloring "leopard". From her sew, for example, has a variation on the theme of safari dress: flowing, with a wide skirt to the floor.

Well, any dress in the style of "Safari" will not do without accessories. Today, the most urgent of them - are large sunglasses in a dark brown frame, large beads of wood, wicker shoes, platform sandals, cork and summer boots.

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