New Look: new femininity

New Look: ? ?
 Style New Look was coined in 1947 by Christian Dior immortal, at that time just created his fashion house. The emergence of New Look-and in the postwar years, is no coincidence. Women, tired of the hardships and privations of the war, when they had to work alongside men, like to once again feel weak and subtle.

New Look is called a new femininity, and this is no accident. For collections of this style designers create clothing that helps create an image of feminine, mysterious, fragile girl that needs to be protected from the burdens of life. In fashion flared skirts, tight bodices and fitted silhouette. No open neckline and mini-skirts - the entire length of the chaste.

New Look Style shows us the perfect girl with narrow sloping shoulders, graceful hips and narrow waist. In the words of the great fashion designer, to create models of clothes he drew women like flowers - a pale bulging shoulders, slim waists and flexible beaters - flared skirts just below the knee.

By and large, Christian Dior, creating a New Look, did not make any revolution in the fashion world, it just brought back the forgotten women of elegance and sophistication. However, this style immediately arose not only numerous supporters, but opponents.

Its creator was accused of extravagance, because one dress could take up to seventy meters of fabric, and weighed 30 pounds this outfit. However, despite this, look at the next show Dior escapes all of Paris. The popularity of the style he created was so great that it echoes were even in the clothes worn by the Soviet Union, although the "bourgeois» New Look, of course, could not become the driving style.

Modern women, tired of the abundance of the naked body, which appeared after the successful victory of the sexual revolution, is pleased to once again dress up in crinolines and emphasize the waist. In the 21 st century is difficult to find irrelevant trend in the fashion world. Wear and pants-pipes, and shapeless overalls, and ultra-mini various colors. Against this backdrop, New Look stands out with discreet femininity, elegance and range of pastel shades, turning an ordinary girl in a fragile refined lady.

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