In China, with its silk

 On Wednesday in Beijing ended Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2007. By tradition, the tenth week passed in the most luxurious hotels in the Chinese capital, where 500 models submitted a total of more than 3 thousand. Outfits from the collections of 35 designers.

Beijing Fashion Week - it's always a riot of colors. In its anniversary the Chinese do not let us down. And there were miles of silk, velvet and satin, and national character, and hand embroidery and fur capes and evening bags with tassels and sometimes with exotic birds and underwear of the finest silver lace, and bright red, gold, wedding dresses. Although it is recognized that a traditional white wedding dress Europeans were also present in large numbers. But the main color of the whole week, anyway, remained red.

As expected, the furor new collection of haute couture designer Guo Pei Chinese - with multi-colored chiffon dress and five-meter train, crinolines huge size of the whole scene, fitting dark blue suits, tiny bolero with hand embroidery and huge elaborate hairstyles of models. The collection is so surreal that it could be the envy of Salvador Dali himself. By the way, 39-year-old Guo Pei's not just a designer, a mascot for the majority of Chinese stars. According to rumors, any aspiring actress or singer knows a secret: if you want to be noticed, purchase dress Guo Pei. In addition, the tremendous ethnic collection called "Tibet" was presented by designer Marc Chung, known for his love of Chinese traditions, which he manages to rethink every time.

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