Dress-case: without unnecessary whims

Dress-case: without unnecessary whims
 Dress-case can be considered truly universal female attire. It fits perfectly into the office dress code, but will not look out of place and very pretentious party. Besides, it is suitable for women of all ages and shapes.
 The usual length of this dress - knee-length or slightly below. It often sleeveless, although there are models with rather short sleeves. Dress complemented neckline. Strict rules about the form of the cut does not exist, are permitted V-shaped, round, heart. A characteristic feature of this dress is a clear emphasis on the waist line. This is especially noticeable in combination with a wide belt in a contrasting color.

For formal events (for example, for a business meeting) will be an excellent option that style dress strict colors - gray, dark blue or black. But a party or going to the trendy club select "Case" saturated colors, with fashionable prints, such as leopard.

For office permissible combination of the dress with a jacket, cardigan. You hide frivolous notch protection from office drafts and create a stylish image of this business lady.

Dress this style looks great on high and slender girl, combined with studs and platform shoes. But also for mature ladies "in the body," it is perfectly fit, emphasizing feminine forms and giving the possessor of elegance and classic pumps complement the image of the self-confident woman.

Today, in addition to everyday fashion models offer wedding dresses, cases that look particularly elegant, if the length of the floor. They are usually sewn from fabrics that keep their shape well: brocade, heavy silk, taffeta.

Especially look sexy lace cases, which are usually made on a contrasting color cover. Although black lace will look stunning in a black and also lining. These models complement satin bow under the bust or waist.

For hot summer dress will be the perfect choice linen. Len has excellent heat-conducting properties, pleasant matte luster. Despite the apparent simplicity of linen "case" turns into an evening outfit with the addition of a minimum of accessories. A pair of gold jewelry (jewelry or bright), bright clutch and sandals - and you can go for any occasion.

Dress-holder could afford girl whose parameters do not match the model. The main thing is to choose the right length dresses and sleeveless shape and size of the cut-out dress.

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