Autumn choice: coats, jackets, raincoats

Autumn choice: coats, jackets, raincoats
 Autumn - the most capricious of the year. The closer the golden age, the more urgent the problem of choice of outerwear. After all, it will have to withstand the rain and mud and wind. Therefore, the main qualities that should be considered in the selection of the autumn wardrobe - it's practicality, comfort and warmth. But how to combine all of this with the beauty and aesthetics?

Women used to that if it is fashionable and stylish, make sure you uncomfortable and impractical, so choosing coats and jackets for fall, few people trying to combine only seemingly incongruous: comfort and beauty.

Speaking about the combination of style and practicality in the first place should be called a classic trench coat, which, in principle, never goes out of fashion since its inception. This simple version of the autumn outerwear perfect everything from business women to women with rebellious self. Trench coats are made with soothing colors and non-staining, such as coffee, gray, black, blue, that is undoubtedly an advantage. The same classic fashion at all times, is a simple autumn coat with a belt, which can be of any length and any cut. In cold windy weather it will be warm and cozy, mud and slush are not terrible, and you are in it will be irresistible, if you just choose the right style. If confused excessive strictness cut and color, can be diluted its image bright accessories.

Raincoats, as well as jackets, this year so diverse in style, and in the colors of what to say, what exactly fashionable jackets and coats difficult. Each designer has put forward its trend, and in choosing all depends entirely on your taste and characteristics of the figure, but it is better not to take something extravagant, referring to the simplicity, as incredible detail and bright colors can go out of fashion as quickly as it appeared. And call the incredible cut and design refinements practical difficult.

For the more daring leather suit, which added to the fashion trends of aggression and expressive, again returned to the top of Mount Olympus. Skin, if not stingy on quality jacket or raincoat, will serve you for a century. And perhaps the most questionable option autumn clothing that is not suitable at any weather, this year became the cape. It is not clear whether they would be equally relevant in the next season, however, and they have their advantage. Due to the loose-fitting, under the cloak can be worn a couple of sweaters, and therefore, it sweeps down to the cold weather. But in case of rain or strong wind will not save you even three sweaters underneath.

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