3 things in hippie style in your wardrobe

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 The hippie movement that has become popular among the youth of the late 60's, was an expression of protest against the consumer lifestyle and the arms race. Currently, these views seem unmodern, but the style of clothing that allows you to express your own "I", is popular again.
 Clothing hippie rejects rules and regulations, each article of clothing is an expression of the inner world of thoughts and feelings owner. Therefore, in most cases it is convenient and socks are things in which the role played by the elements of decor.

Floor skirt. This article of clothing is especially important now, but in contrast to the elegant skirt made of silk or chiffon hippie option involves simple in handling natural fabrics. This skirt can be sewn patchwork, embellished with lace or crochet vyvyazannym beads. Often used when decorating ethnic motifs, Indian ornaments, Mexican pattern of geometric shapes. In any case, the skirt should be up to the ankles or even hide them.

Flared jeans. Unlike become a classic urban denim, scuffs and even the presence of holes in the jeans of welcome. In the 70s the bottom of the trouser leg width was full circle, now we can move away from such an option and limit the expansion slightly marked down. Flared jeans can be decorated with beads and leather fringe or embroidery. Complemented by vintage tops or simple self-colored T-shirts they allow you to create a very eclectic way.

Free cut blouse. The size of the article of clothing is often eludes precise definition, and trimming on the figure by means of straps, kulisok, zavyazochek and laces. In the 70s blouses are made of the finest cotton or translucent linen, worn next to the skin, but these days is permissible presence stamp or bra underneath. Sleeve length can be any - at the elbow, three-quarters or below the wrist. One-color blouse can be decorated with embroidery or supplement Baubles, bangles and beads, and mottled shade option vests.

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