Subtleties choice shiny clothes

Subtleties choice shiny clothes
 Glamor, glitter, beauty - these are the women who prefer to wear only shiny clothes. However, not all the ladies know how to properly and carefully select and combine with other elements of the wardrobe such things. Although stylists have long provided recommendations on how it should be selected such elements wardrobe.

Clothing for women decorated with sequins and rhinestones, not always decorate their owners. It also can easily spoil and all - if chosen correctly.

First of all, remember that shiny clothes emphasizes all the elements of the figure. Therefore, choose only those things that are easily show all of your dignity. And in any case do not take the shiny clothes that puffed out all your flaws. For example, if you have a nice ass and thighs, then get yourself a shiny skirt; if the object of your pride waist, your choice - a corset or girdle.

When choosing a shiny clothes, remember that it adds you a couple of extra pounds. So if your weight is poor, it is not worth it even more stress using rhinestones. Stylists recommend that if you are plump, choose bright clothing items only selectively. Ideal - an evening out. For such a wardrobe perfectly suited shiny paste. With their help, you can even become visually slimmer.

Of course, it is not necessary to choose things frilly and too big heap of additional accessories. Shiny clothes and so is itself a source of increased attention from others. And it is not necessary to burden her further. Otherwise, all around it will seem that you have too much.

Prerequisite for wearing shiny things - the ability to combine them with a matte color. All other items of clothing should complement and shade shine dominant wardrobe items. That is why stylists recommend choosing matte shades.

But the ornaments have to forget. And then again, so as not to overload the image. Besides, shiny clothes in itself is a jewel and additional accessories does not require. The same rule applies to the hair, and makeup. It is not necessary in the ensemble with shiny clothes cheat on his head unthinkable ornate strands and make a flamboyant flashy makeup. All this will turn you into a colorful Christmas tree and simplify your image.

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